Pick up Artist (PUA) Mystery Method Secrets

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Pick up Artist
pickup artist
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Mystery Method
Pick Up Artists
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Mystery is the world’s Greatest Pick up Artist or PUA, and his Mystery Method is an extraordinary path to better results with women. Here’s the scoop on Pick up Artists:
The idea for a pickup artist is to be somebody where you can get pretty girls to want to date you. Really pretty girls, and where they really really want to date you! Mystery is arguably the world’s greatest PUA. He’s had his own TV show, VH1’s The Pick Up Artist, and he was the subject of a New York Times best selling book, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artist. I met Mystery about ten years ago and saw him in action. But what was really impressive wasn’t so much the result…he did get the girl…but what was amazing was that he told me what techniques he was going to use and how he was going to do it…and that’s what he did!
Amazing! So I was completely impressed and I decided to put together a website with him, Area51Lifestyle.com where we could share all this killer footage, including this video which I pulled from our Project Hollywood training bootcamp at the Playboy Mansion! (It was a sold out $7,000 per person event! And people loved it!) Mystery and his portages like Neil Strauss have been incredibly successful teaching others to be PUAs…and of course they’ve been successful with girls too! They’ve dated Playboy Playmates, supermodels, actresses and many beautiful girls! To find out more go to

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